15th February 2017

What the “VNUK’s” this all got to do with me??

We’re talking about the implications of the VNUK judgement so quite a lot if you watch, participate or even just care about Britain’s eminent position in Motorsport!!

Or it could prevent you taking your car on a Track Day.

The VNUK judgement was originally about someone being knocked off his ladder by a farm vehicle on private land in Slovakia,  but the unintended consequences of the judgement are quite profound throughout the EU.

Simply put (the link gives the full circumstances) the European Court of Justice  (remember no appeals after their judgement for any EU Country) has ruled that the EU Motor Insurance Directive and in turn the UK’s Road Traffic Act requires everyone operating a motorised vehicle at any time, anywhere including on private land requires 3rd Party cover.

So, unless the EU MID is amended  ALL Motorsport or Track Day participants will either have to 3rd Party cover (and fans / competitors will end up paying for it  the organiser won’t absorb it) or it suddenly becomes an illegal activity.

That’s terrible, and quite barmy but what the “VNUK” can I do about it?

Simple, sign the petition via the link here.

The clock is ticking, the RTA hasn’t changed yet but as it stands it looks like it is in conflict with the EU MID.

A number of countries with proud Motorsport heritage are lobbying the EU to amend the MID as they think it’s barmy too! The EU is minded to clarify the position and exempt Motorsport by amending the Motor Insurance Directive but the political calendar had a lot on, particularly at moment!!!

Unless WE are heard maybe someone else will shout louder and be putting forward an amendment to amend the requirement for bananas to be straighter….

And don’t think that only F1 or MotoGP really matters and they can afford it. Drivers don’t suddenly arrive in F1 or become the next Valentino Rossi.  They go through Karting, Club Racing and lesser formulas and those could well be put in jeopardy and cease to exist.

Moreover the next time you think that Cosworth derived engine in your runabout is quite revvy think about the sheer size, reputation and the vast number of jobs

(c 40,000 and worth £10bn a year) the UK has as a major world leader in the field.

You can sign online and it will take seconds.

And it has to be done before the end of March 2017 so please don’t delay!

You’ll be making your voice heard not only for yourself, but also for your kids that would love someday for you to take them motor racing!!!

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